Tuesday, October 18, 2005

As my true talents developed, they left me completely incapable of life, as becomes a true artist, capable only of thoughts and feelings; of thoughts because I felt, and of feelings because I thought. In fact, under the illusion of creating myself, I created only what I felt and was able to believe.

Luigi Pirandello

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blue like Yves

I keep on tumblin' but the ground won't take me. All dirty, head to toes and toes to soul. And it better rain wine. 'Cause water won´t wash me. It better snow love, 'cause ice won't cool me.
And you better come up, 'cause I can´t digg any deeper. You better make it soon before you find out it's already too late.
Blue like Yves, red as wine, cold as you. My heart. And my burning blood won't melt it. I've seen it all but only my eyes got their pockets full. 'Cause the ones around my hips are empty.
Around your hips should I be, and maybe it could be over. As it should.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Help me Lord like I helped her. May she rest in peace. May she rest, 'cause the rest of us won't. May time teach her that the only thing that time does is go away and take it all with him. And he never got his rest. Never he had stopped untill now.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Destiny? Little you know about that. And little you will. I don't believe in destiny as I don't believe in lies. As I don't believe. You can't have death being the judge of life. As you can't make it sweeter with salt. As you can't wash your hands with destiny. And if you try to, there's no water in the deepest sea gonna ever wash them again.
You must learn to walk your own feet. 'Cause the road won't.
You will learn that death is being lost, not knowing the strange place where you are is the familiar place where you've allways been. The place you never left.
'Cause you paid your ticket to the road and ended up robbed by the driver that was never there.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


You got my conviction to hard love labour. Well, I'm workin' on it. I'm workin' on it. And I may be the one who's locked up in here, but it's your face saying "wanted" on the street. 'Cause I want you. I want you...

getting nervous about you

A dancing skeleton on a drunken body.
That's me. It's alright.
And you lash the rhythm to my melody. So right.

You know my gritty dalliance with the absurd.
Well, you said you like it; I'll take your word.
You know I got the soul of one truly possessed.
I'm digging such a big hole. Won't you clean this mess?
Girl have mercy. I'm a wild-eyed hell raiser.
And your wild eyes will bring me joy and aggravation.
That's alright with me if it's alright with you.
I'm just a mortal man that don't mind dying with you.

Girl, I'm getting nervous about you.

So be the jailer to this killer.
Be the preacher to this devil.
Try and kiss me in the morning.
Walk your high heels on my gravel.

I've been closing my eyes while driving.
I've been going nowhere 100 miles an hour.
Girl won't you run me out of gas?
Just fill me up with your kind of power.
I've been watching you from the bottom of my glass.
Laidback, crawling and falling apart.
You've heard me sing. You'll hear me cry.
I said, please pretty baby, won't you grab my running heart?

Girl, I'm getting nervous about you.

So be the jailer to this killer.
Be the preacher to this devil.
Try and kiss me in the morning.
Walk your high heels on my gravel.

(She says)
I’ll be the jailer to you killer,
I’ll be the preacher to you devil.
I’ll try and kiss you in the morning.
I’ll walk my high heels on your gravel.